The Merchant Vessel, Judith Allan, at anchor in Hong Kong Harbour

This pen drawing (over chalk or graphite) by an unidentified artist appears to show the Judith Allan (centre of the image) at anchor in Hong Kong harbour during still waters. She is drawn confidently in outline with her name inscribed across the counter of her stern. Greater pressure has been applied to the drawing of her hull, chains, tafferel decoration, mast components, bowsprit, and rudder. Lightly-drawn elements include windows, rigging, stays, shrouds, and canopy. Vertical parallel hatching below the chains appear to indicate nine gun ports. Cross-hatching can be seen on the bow and the underside of the stern. She is shown in starboard quarter view with a ladder hanging down to a small boat (with a canopy) docked on her starboard side, filled with people, six of whom are shown holding their oars upright. The Red Ensign is present on the mizzen gaff of the Judith Allen and the stern of the accompanying rowing boat.
To the left of the Judith Allen, partially obstructed, is an unidentified three-masted ship (possibly a Chinese junk ship) with its stern and rudder visible. A small, Chinese rowing boat accompanies it.
In the background, the left side of the composition features a Western three-masted ship (starboard broadside, stern not visible in the picture plane), and a Chinese rowing craft with an elaborate canopy (port broadside). Two junk ships can be seen sailing towards land in the distance.
On the right side of the composition is a small rowing craft, a three-masted junk ship, and a paddle sloop (port broadside, only fore and main masts visible). In the distance, a hilltop pavilion overlooks a coastal town below it. Another similar pavilion appears to be present on the adjacent hill on the left.
The entire composition is set against a backdrop of mountains.

Object Details

ID: PAF5602
Type: Drawing
Display location: Not on display
Creator: British School, 19th century
Places: Unlinked place
Vessels: Judith Allan (1842)
Date made: ca.1845
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: Sheet: 249 x 348 mm; Mount: 405 mm x 556 mm

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