The three-masted ship Horsa (1860) aground in Bread and Cheese Cove, St. Martin's.

An elevated starboard, just forward of the broadside, of the three-masted cargo ship Horsa (1860) aground in Bread and Cheese Cove (Loop Hole), St. Martin's, Isle of Scilly. The tide has dropped enough for the waterline of the ship to be exposed. Three men are working on the forecastle while seven others are leaning against the bulwark of the main deck looking over the side. One man is sitting on the top of the bulwark. A rowing gig is approaching the ship off the starboard bow. The photographer was standing on the cliffs above the cove looking northeast towards St. Martin's Head and the red and white striped 17th Century day marker on the headland.

The Horsa (1860) was on passage from New Zealand with a cargo of tinned meat, wool and grain and picked up a pilot off Round Island, Scilly. According to the report in the newspaper after the Board of Inquiry, the pilot allowed the ship to stand on port tack too long before deciding that they would not pass Hard Lewis Rocks. The attempt to tack northward failed as the light winds and the tide caused the ship to miss her stays (i.e. could not get the bow through the wind quick enough). The ship was run aground in Bread and Cheese Cove to save it and the crew [Liverpool Mercury, 27 April 1893]. The ship was towed out of the cove by the packet steamer Lyonesse and eventually the captain sailed Horsa after three tow lines snapped. The ship rolled over and sank in the early hours of 5 April 1893. The Lyonesse rescued the remaining crew before Horsa sank.

Object Details

ID: G14149
Collection: Historic Photographs
Type: Glass plate negative
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Gibson & Sons of Scilly
Vessels: Horsa (1860)
Date made: 4 April 1893
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Gibson's of Scilly Shipwreck Collection
Measurements: Overall: 10 in x 12 in

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