Rescued cattle from Minnehaha (1900) grazing on Samson Island

A view across a rocky and grassy field on Samson Island, Isles of Scilly, towards the sea and the islands of Tresco (left) and St. Mary's (right) behind. In the foregound is a large number of rescued cattle (steers) from the passenger/cargo liner Minnehaha (1900), which had grounded on Scilly Rock to the north. Most of the cattle had been rescued by 20 April.

The Minnehaha ran aground on 18 April 1910 in fog on passage from New York to Tilbury. The 66 passengers, all First Class, and 171 crew were rescued and landed on Byrher, and about 200 of the 243 steers (castrated young bulls) were landed on Samson Island. The mixed cargo from Holds 2 and 3 were jettisoned, including crated new motor cars, grand pianos, machinery, sewing machines, carpets and other cargo going over the side to lighten the ship. Between 20 April and 11 May the ship was prepared for refloating (using compressed air to float it), and eventually came off the ledge. Minnehaha then proceeded under its own power to Crow Sound before continuing under escort to Falmouth.

Object Details

ID: G13985
Collection: Historic Photographs
Type: Glass plate negative
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Gibson & Sons of Scilly
Date made: 18-circa 20 April 1910; Late April 1910
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Gibson's of Scilly Shipwreck Collection
Measurements: Overall: 254 mm x 304 mm

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