A view of Naples from the east with lateen-rigged ships drawn up on the shore.

A waxed paper calotype negative. A view from the shore behind five lateen-rigged ships drawn up on the shore, looking towards Naples to the east. The left of the image has the lower slopes leading up to Castel Sant'Elmo that dominated the landscape above Naples. A large number of shaped timbers are lying on the ground in the foreground and one of them to the right of the image has a boy lying across the top of the timber resting his head on his arm.

The reverse of the negative has the caption '26. Naples from the Eastward' written in ink along the bottom left edge. This matches the description from the list in Calvert Jones' letter to WHF Talbot dated 8 July 1846: ' 26. Naples from the Eastward.' [BL, LA 46-80]. From the letters he sent to Talbot, we know that he was in Malta in mid-March and had arrived in Rome on Monday 4 May 1846. Jones left Malta soon after the death of Lady Charlotte (wife of WHF Talbot's cousin) died on 2 April.

Object Details

Type: Calotype negative
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Jones, Calvert Richard
Date made: April 1846
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Fox Talbot Collection
Measurements: Overall: 165 mm x 204 mm

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