'Views of Atowa, one of the Sandwich Islands' and 'Atowi the King's Mount: over the land' (annotated on reverse)

A pair of views on a single sheet, inscribed as stated in the space between them by an unidentfied but apparently contemporary hand, with the note 'Capt D' following and the numbers '9' (top) and '10' (bottom) in their upper left corners. A later hand has added in pencil at far right 'See Cook's 3rd Voyage / vol III p. 155'. The upper view is PAH1052, the lower one PAH1053 , and the whole (including the mount) also numbered ZBA5752. 'Resolution' and 'Discovery' appear in both images: under sail above, and at anchor off the island below with boats - or more probably local canoes - around them and a village indicated on the distant shore. It s possible the island may be Atooi - now Kauai - (which Cook visited from 19 to 23 January 1778), though this is uncertain from its appearances here. This drawing is not included in Joppien and Smith's survey of the art of Cook's voyages (vol.III [1988]), for reasons now unclear: nor are any of Atooi/Kauai which show a comparable landscape profile. For notes on Ellis see PAH0144. [PvdM 11/18]

Object Details

ID: PAH0152
Type: Drawing
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Ellis, William Wade
Places: Unlinked place
Events: Exploration: Cook's Third Voyage, 1776
Date made: 1778
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London. Presented by Captain A. W. F. Fuller through The Art Fund
Measurements: Mount: 483 mm x 635 mm;Primary support: 162 mm x 467 mm; Secondary support: 349 mm x 468 mm

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