Celestial table globe

Astronomical details on the globe include a labelled magnitude table above a cartouche. For some variable stars the range in magnitudes is also given. A total of 42 stars and three star groups are named. The 48 Ptolemaic constellations and four of the non-Ptolemaic constellations are drawn. Eight of the southern constellations are drawn as well as those of Plancius, those of Hevelius, except Triangulum Minus, and those of Lacaille. However, not all the constellations are labelled.

The sphere is covered with a plaster coating and twelve full gores and two polar calottes. The gores are copper-engraved, hand-coloured and varnished. The sphere is mounted in a brass meridian half-circle which is not graduated. The meridian half-circle is supported by a wooden single-pedestal stand on which it rests in a groove cut into the pedestal and is held in place by a pin.

The cartography is Latin and English. There are co-ordinates with hour circles every I5° and parallels every 10°. The equator is graduated for degrees, for hours and is labelled. The ecliptic is graduated, labelled and provided with the symbols and the numbers of the signs of the zodiac. Along the ecliptic, there is a zodiacal grid. There are labels for the north ecliptic pole, the polar circles, the colures, the circle of peretual apparition at London and the circle of perpetual occultation at London. The tropic of Capricorn is drawn but not labelled. The sphere bears an inscription and date in English.

Object Details

ID: GLB0074
Collection: Astronomical and navigational instruments; Charts and maps
Type: Table globe
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Newton Son & Berry; Petrus Plancius, Petrus
Date made: 1838
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Caird Collection
Measurements: Overall: 247 x 162 mm; Diameter of sphere: 150 mm

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