Two water-damaged and stuck together Government papers

Two water-damaged and stuck-together Government documents from the 1845 British Northwest Passage Expedition led by Sir John Franklin. One of the papers has black typeset 'Majesty's' on it. The larger document consists of black yellowing pages. A hair found between the pages has been numbered AAA2155.1.

The Government documents were found at the boat site in Erebus Bay by Captain F. L. McClintock's sledge team on 30 May 1859, as part of the search expedition led by McClintock The site had been visited and partially investigated by Lt. William Hobson on 24 May but his report does not list everything he saw or removed. McClintock records ’a small pair of scissors rolled up in blank paper, and to which adheres a printed Government paper, such as an officer's warrant or appointment'. [McClintock, Voyage of the Fox (1859), page 367]. This two items became separated at some point before photography in 1859.

The documents were displayed at the Royal Naval Museum, Greenwich, Case 2, No. 57. 'Government paper'. The item is also shown in - 'Stereoscopic slides of the relics of Sir John Franklin's Expedition' photographed by Lieutenant Cheyne RN, at the United Services Museum, Whitehall, No. 5 (right of middle centre).

Object Details

ID: AAA2155
Collection: Polar Equipment and Relics
Type: Government paper
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Unknown
Events: Arctic Exploration: Franklin Search Expedition, McClintock, 1857-1859; Arctic Exploration: Franklin's Last Expedition, 1845-1848
Vessels: Fox (1855)
Date made: Before 1845
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.
Measurements: 25 x 127 x 45 mm
Parts: Two water-damaged and stuck together Government papers

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