Bowl and part of stem of a clay pipe

The spur bowl and part of the stem of a clay pipe from the 1845 British Northwest Passage Expedition led by Sir John Franklin. The bowl is stained brown and has the maker's initial 'M' moulded on both sides of the spur. The rest of the stem had broken away and was missing. There are moulded decorations down the front and back seam of the bowl.

The pipe bowl was found by Lieutenant William R. Hobson's sledge team on 24 May 1859 at a place where a ship's boat was discovered on the coast of Erebus Bay, King William Island, as part of the search expedition led by Captain F. L. McClintock. Hobson described finding a lot of material in the boat, including 'several clay pipes' [Stenton, 'Arctic' v.69, No. 4, p. 518]. McClintock records a 'short clay pipe'. [McClintock, Voyage of the Fox (1859), page 366].

The pipe was is not listed for display at the Royal Naval Museum, Greenwich. The item is shown in - 'Stereoscopic slides of the relics of Sir John Franklin's Expedition' photographed by Lieutenant Cheyne RN, at the United Services Museum, Whitehall, No. 6 (centre, above the boot lace).

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