snow goggles, Inuit type

Over thousands of years, Inuit have come up with ingenious solutions to combat the effects of harsh arctic conditions on the body. These goggles, which limit the user’s field of vision, prevent ‘snow-blindness’; a form of temporary blindness caused by prolonged exposure to bright sunlight reflected off snow or ice.
A curved wooden shield fitting over the eyes. There is a hole at eather end to attach a cord to hold it on. The wearer sees through a slit in the device which has a semi-circular indent to fit it over the nose. The item is associated with HMS 'Phoenix' and the 1854 Franklin search expedition.

Object Details

ID: AAA4314
Collection: Polar Equipment and Relics
Type: Snow goggles
Display location: Not on display
Events: Arctic Exploration: Franklin Search Expedition, Inglefield, 1852
Vessels: Phoenix (1832)
Date made: 1854
Exhibition: North-West Passage
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.
Measurements: Overall: 29 x 140 x 38 mm

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