A close view of the port bow of the kotia Karimi (fl.1938) anchored at Colombo, Ceylon

A close view of the port bow of the Indian kotia type dhow Karimi (fl.1938) anchored at Colombo, Ceylon. The photographer is ahead of the bow looking aft and to starboard and everything aft of her foremast is out of the picture. The stern of the Royal Navy heavy cruiser Cumberland (1926) can be seen in the background and the photographer was taking passage in her from Singapore to the U.K. at the time.

Object Details

ID: P34301
Type: Rolled film negative
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Waters, David Watkin
Places: China
Vessels: Karimi (fl.1938); Cumberland (1926)
Date made: 4-6 October 1938
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Waters Collection

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