Endeavour (1768); Bark

A plank on frame model of HM bark ‘Endeavour’ as fitted out for Captain James Cook’s first voyage of discovery from 1768-71. Built at a scale of 1:48, the model is fully planked on the port side and mounted within a coloured perspex waterline. The starboard side is partially planked with most of the frames exposed, with large areas cut away to reveal the internal layout of the hull and decks. The model is complete with stores, equipment and full complement of crew, all of which can be identified against the known muster list. A number of figures have been mounted at various points to illustrate the scale and show how cramped conditions were on board. The mast and spars are complete with a full suit of sails, all shown at various states of use, together with the standing and running rigging. For details of the actual ship, see SLR0355, ‘Earl of Pembroke’.

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