Samarang (1822); Warship; Sloop; Sixth rate; 22 Guns

Scale: 1:48. A contemporary waterline model of the 28-gun sixth-rate frigate ‘Samarang’ (1822). A highly detailed model of a wooden frigate prior to the introduction of steam. It is complete with all the fittings on deck including the guns fully rigged to their carriages, hammocks stowed in the nettings around the gunwales, spare topmasts and spars under the boats in the waist and the shot stored around the hatch combings ready for use. The rigging is equally detailed and shows the sails bent on to the yards and in harbour stow, and the addition of the trysail ‘snow’ rigged just aft on each of the lower mast.

Built by Cochin in the East Indies, the ‘Samarang’ measured 133 feet along the gun deck by 31 feet in the beam and was 500 tons burthen. It was fitted with both 32- and 18-pounder carronades and carried a complement of 175 men. Its career included duty stations around the world such as the Mediterranean, South America, Cape of Good Hope and in 1840–41, it saw action in the First Opium War at the Chuenpi Forts. ‘Samarang’ also carried out survey work in the East Indies from 1843–47 during which it encountered Malay pirates at Gikolo. The final years were spent as a guard ship at Gibraltar where it was eventually sold for breaking in 1880.

Object Details

ID: SLR0705
Collection: Ship models
Type: Waterline model; Rigged model; Sails furled; Scenic model
Display location: Not on display
Vessels: Samarang 1822
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Royal United Service Institution Collection
Measurements: Overall model: 874 x 1385 x 530 mm; Base: 37 x 1472 x 537 mm

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