HMS Queen (1839); Warship; First rate; 110 guns

Scale: 1:24. A midship sectional model of the 110-gun first rate ship HMS Queen (1839) made entirely in wood with metal fittings and painted in realistic colours. The model is made to show the four gundecks, their layout amidships, type of guns used and various items of equipment. The orlop is also shown with a large area walled-off in the centre of the deck, possibly a magazine. The deck above the orlop has two walled-off areas on the port and starboard sides. The external hull is painted a copper effect below the waterline, black above, with broad white stripes along the three lower gundecks. The gunport lids are painted black externally and the inner faces of the lids and gunports themselves are painted red. The inner hull is planked and the fore and aft faces of the section show the framing, keel, keelson, hammock stowage, gunwales and other structural details. Fittings and equipment includes a stump mast painted white, guns on sea service carriages, reamers and other gun equipment, mess tables suspended from the deck ceilings, racks with white plates stowed in rows, turned pillar supports for the decks and at least one anchor. The model is displayed on a pair of wooden chock supports.

Object Details

ID: SLR0782
Collection: Ship models
Type: Sectional model; Midship model
Display location: Display - All Hands Gallery
Creator: Symonds, William
Vessels: Queen (1839)
Date made: 1839 (ship)
People: Symonds, William
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.
Measurements: Overall model: 842 x 346 x 828 mm; Base: 68 x 41 x 244 mm

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