Fishing vessel; Dhoni; Kuda-dhoni

Scale: About 1:12. A full hull model of a Maldivian kuda-dhoni (kuda is a six-oared type of dhoni), made entirely in wood with organic material fittings. The model is unpainted apart from a faint blue stripe running the hull’s entire length, just below the gunwales. The depicted vessel is single-masted with a square sail set, stayed to the stem head. A type of spinnaker boom, or atteli, slots into cringles on the luff of the sail holding it taught. The hull is hollowed out of a single piece of wood with frames and thwarts inserted. The hull has a very high decorative stem post that sweeps back and a stern counter that is indented over the rudder position incorporating a wide steering platform aft. Fittings include six paddles, compartments in the hold for fish and a tall mast crutch. The model is displayed on a pair of shaped wooden crutches, connected by a single stretcher.

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