Passenger/cargo vessel; Surf Boat, Masula

Scale: about 1:12. A model of a Masula surf boat made entirely in wood and stained or painted a dark brown colour throughout. The planks that form the hull are wide and have been sewn together. There is no keel, but stem and stern posts have been sewn to the planks. There are nine heavy cross beams that extend beyond the hull giving shape to the boat. There is a short length of deck at the bow. On the port and starboard bows is the number "3". The boat is equipped with four oars with spade-shaped blades (1 blade is missing).

The stem and stern posts protrude below the bottom of the central plank, protecting it and providing a fulcrum on which the boat can be swung for beaching and launching. These boats were rowed by oarsmen perching on the cross beams. A small stern deck provides a platform for the steersman. This type of craft was used to transport cargo and passengers from ship to shore.

Object Details

ID: AAE0134
Collection: Ship models
Type: Full hull model
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Unknown
Date made: 19th century
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: Overall: 220 x 574 x 212 mm
Parts: Passenger/cargo vessel; Surf Boat, Masula

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