Foochow junk

Scale: Unknown. A full hull model of a hua-p'i-ku or Foochow pole junk, date unknown, made entirely in wood with metal and organic material fittings and painted in realistic colours. The depicted vessel has three masts all with set sails. The hull is carvel-built with wide planks, has a flat-fronted bow, pronounced curvature to the profile, high stern and substantial strakes. The hull is painted predominantly black with brick red and green panels, decorated panels at the bow and stern and occuli. Fittings include a pair of anchors rigged to the bow rail; foremast set well forward, mainmast and mizzen set at the stern, all set with square sails on black-painted yards, and made from coarse buff material; two small red pennants set on a lightning conductor at the top of the mainmast; poles strapped to the inboard sides of the vessel; waist with two boats stowed abaft the mainmast; a stool and a gun; two small coops or boxes attached and overhanging the stern quarters; and rudder. It is inscribed on the port bow ‘M(?)3179’ and also on the model ‘Tung Ya’, which is the name of the experienced Chinese carpenter who made it under close instruction of Lt David Waters, then of HMS 'Eagle', based on a vessel then in the harbour. NMM negative number P34282 in the Waters Collection (Acquisition PR61/12) shows this model in the back yard of the Roman Catholic church at Liu Kung Tao, near Weihaiwei, in 1938. Negatives numbers P34519 to P34540 inclusive are of the actual vessel.

The cargo carrying junk was capable of long sea voyages: the junk 'Keying' was sailed from Hong Kong to London in 1848. The cargo capacity of a Foochow was 200 to 400 tons, in addition, vast bundles of tree trunks were transported, lashed either side from waterline to bulwark. The massive rudder when raised in harbour is tilted forward, when lowered it extends well below the bottom, being held to the hull by bottom lines held taught by the bow windlass. The capacious living quarters aft contained cabins for merchants as well as crew. The design suggests derivation from the chicken sampan.

Object Details

ID: AAE0200
Collection: Ship models
Type: Full hull model; Plank-on-frame; Rigged model; Sails set
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Ya, Tung
Date made: circa 1938
People: Waters, David Watkin
Credit: On loan from the Oliver-Bellasis Collection.
Measurements: Chatham storage measurement: 855 mm x 1165 mm x 180 mm

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