Lloyds Patriotic Fund £50 presentation sword

Lloyds Patriotic Fund £50 presentation sword, which belonged to Admiral Watkin Owen Pell (1788-1870). The hilt of the sword consists of a gilt guard and quillon shaped as a Roman fasces; the knuckle guard meets this at right angles and is made in the form of a Hercules club. A snake is entwined about the club, and it is attached to a loop in the mouth of the lion's head pommel. The triangular langets bear a floral pendant. At the base of the grip decorated in relief is a rectangular plaque, consisting of a cannon, an anchor and a trident. The sword has a lion's head pommel and gilt back-piece made in the form of a lion's skin. The ivory grip is diamond knurled. The polished steel blade is damascened in blue and gold. The blade is decorated with a design consisting of a rose, a thistle and a shamrock; Britannia seated; a crown over the Royal arms with a unicorn appearing from behind the Royal arms and a lion as a supporter; floral decoration and the figure of Hope and an anchor within a wreath. The blade is engraved with the words 'From the Patriotic Fund at Lloyds To Lieut.Watkin Owen Pell RN for his gallant conduct when commanding the boats of HMS Mercury in Boarding and Carrying La Leda Venetian Gunboat From under the Batteries of the Harbour of Rovigno on the 1st Aprl 1809'. The sword also comes complete with a scabbard and a sword knot. Admiral Watkin Owen Pell (1788-1870) entered the Navy in 1799; he lost his leg in the action between the 'Loire' and French frigate 'Pallas' in 1800. He did not serve afloat again until 1802. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 1806 and was appointed to the 'Mercury' and took part in a number of boat actions in the West Indies and Mediterranean. He was promoted to the rank of Commander in 1810 and to Captain in 1813. Pell served until the end of Napoleonic Wars in 1815 and then spent many years on half pay. In 1841 he was appointed Superintendent of Pembroke Dockyard and this was his last appointment. He was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral in 1848, to Vice-Admiral (ret'd) in 1855 and to Admiral in 1861. Admiral Watkin Owen Pell was made a Knight in 1837 and a Knight Commander of the Royal Guelphic Order of Hanover (KCH) in the same year. See also WPN1040, WPN1051 and WPN1074.

Object Details

ID: WPN1041
Collection: Weapons
Type: Presentation Sword
Display location: Display - Sea Things Gallery
Creator: Teed, Richard
Places: Port of Rovinj; British West Indies Mediterranean Sea Pembroke Dockyard
Events: Napoleonic Wars: Rovigno, 1809
Vessels: Pallas fl.1800 (French Navy); Leda fl.1809 (French gunboat) Loire 1798 (HMS) Mercury 1779 (HMS)
Date made: 1809
People: Pell, Watkin Owen; Hercules, Hercules Britannia Hope, George Johnstone Lloyd's Patriotic Fund
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: Overall: 30 x 885 x 150 mm

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