Lloyds Patriotic Fund £100 Trafalgar pattern presentation sword that belonged to Captain J.R. Lapenotiere (1770-1834)

Lloyds Patriotic Fund £100 Trafalgar pattern presentation sword, the sword belonged to Captain J.R. Lapenotiere (1770-1834). The hilt of the sword consists of a gilt guard and pommel; the back-piece is made in the form of a lion's skin. The quillon is shaped like a Roman fascis, and the guard meets this at right angles and is made in the form of a Hercules club. A snake is entwined around the club, and it is attached to a loop in the lion's mouth. The triangular langets form a rectangular plaque at the base of the grip, which is decorated with a group in relief depicting a cannon, anchor and trident, decorated on the grip beneath this group is a floral pendant.

The polished steel blade is decorated with blued steel and gilt depicting 'Victory' seated with a wreath and palm, rose, thistle and shamrock motif. A crown supports the monogram 'GR' and is contained within a wreath and palm branch. With further decoration depicting a seated Britannia, a standing Hercules along with dolphins and sea monsters. The blade is engraved with the words 'From the Patriotic Fund at Lloyds to Lieut. John Richard Lapenotiere of HM Schooner Pickle for his Meritorious services in contributing to the signal Victory obtained over the combined fleets of France and Spain off Cape Trafalgar on the 21st of October 1805'. The sword comes complete with a scabbard.

John Lapenotiere entered the Navy in 1780. He served in the South Seas with King George's Sound Company between 1785-1788. He re-entered the Navy when war broke out in 1793. In 'Boyne' under Sir John Jervis at the reduction of the French West India Islands. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 1794. He commanded the hired cutter 'Joseph' in the Mediterranean between 1800-1803. Whilst in command of the schooner 'Pickle' he rescued the crew of the 'Magnificent', which was wrecked off Brest in 1804. He commanded the 'Pickle' at the Battle of Trafalgar and was sent home by Vice-Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood (1750-1810) with the dispatches announcing the victory at Trafalgar and the news of Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson's (1758-1805) death. For this service Lapenotiere was promoted to the rank of Commander and awarded a Lloyd's Patriotic Fund Sword. He commanded the 'Orontes' at the bombardment of Copenhagen in 1807 and was promoted to the rank of Captain in 1811. He died in Cornwall in 1834.

Object Details

ID: WPN1045
Collection: Weapons
Type: Presentation Sword
Display location: Display - Maritime London Gallery
Creator: Teed, Richard
Places: Spain; France Cape Trafalgar
Events: Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Trafalgar, 1805
Vessels: Pickle (1799)
Date made: 1805
People: Lloyd's Patriotic Fund; Collingwood, Cuthbert Hercules, Hercules Victory, Victory Britannia Lapenotiere, John Richards
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Greenwich Hospital Collection
Measurements: Blade: 749 x 38 mm
Parts: Lloyds Patriotic Fund £100 Trafalgar pattern presentation sword that belonged to Captain J.R. Lapenotiere (1770-1834)

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