Slotted hilted hanger, the hilt of the hanger consists of a brass half basket hilt formed from a slotted guard to which an additional bar encircling a crown and foul anchor has been added. The lower curve of the guard is some what flattened as though it has been fitted to a shorter grip than that for which it was originally intended. The hanger has a flat pommel. The wooden grip is fluted. The steel blade has a curved flat back with a 178mm false edge; one broad groove runs to the point and a narrow one near the back extends to the beginning of the false edge. The scabbard is missing.

The hanger is very similar to one held in the Tower Armouries, which has the same slotted guard, the outer bars of the slotted cross-piece forming obtuse angles instead of being curved. The outer bar has the appearance of having been made at the same time as the main knuckle-guard. The foul anchor motif does not have the crown above it. The lion's-head pommel is similar to that of WPN1106, suggesting that it was made about 1770-80. This hanger WPN1306 probably dates from about then, but the foul anchor was added later.

Object Details

ID: WPN1306
Collection: Weapons
Type: Hanger
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Unknown
Places: Tower of London
Date made: circa 1775
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: Blade: 619 x 29 mm

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