Presenter Network Sign Up Form

You must be actively involved in presenting to sign up to the Presenter Network, if not you will not be added. Being 'involved' in presenting may not mean that you do it every day but it should be a regular part of your job.
We will contact you via email about network events running on a national and international level throughout the year including information about new hubs who contact members via email on a local level.
The Presenter Network hubs are all part of the wider Presenter Network and align with same Presenter Network manifesto and ethos, they just operate on a local level. The Royal Observatory Greenwich coordinate the network as a whole but also act as the hub centre for London and South East. All regular Presenter Network meetings are run by the local hubs so if you want to attend those you will need to join a hub. We are establishing more hubs all the time so keep an eye out for new one near you.
By signing up to any hub you are agreeing for us to share your details with the coordinators at those hubs directly via email. They will then contact you independently via email and add you to their network so they can contact you about local events.
These were established because we do not share contact details between members within the network but wanted to provide discussion forums so you can share ideas and opportunities. The Padlet boards we use are only accessible to those with the link which you will receive as part of the sign up process, it is then your choice whether or not you use them. We have one for new session ideas and another for presenter opportunities like available shadow or feedback sessions as well as volunteer and job opportunities. Both boards are strictly related to presenting only.
The information you submit in this form will not be shared with any third parties unless you have specified that you would like to join a local hub. In which case the details you have provided will be used by the science learning and public engagement team at the Royal Observatory Greenwich to add you to the Presenter Network mailing list and the hub organisation you have specified to add you to their local hub mailing list too. Please note that hub organisations will operate under their own privacy policies which are independent of that for Royal Museums Greenwich. For more information, please see our privacy policy