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19 February 2016

Samuel Pepys was a true Londoner and throughout his diary we see him delight at what the capital has to offer. When faced with the Great Plague he refused to leave the city, and when he saw it destroyed by the Great Fire he weeps. We join Londonist on a tour of Pepys's city. 

Surgical instruments for the removal of a bladder stone, about 1650.jpg

7 December 2015

Our curator Kristian Martin looks at Pepys's health, including bladder stones, hangovers and emergency toilet breaks in a chimney. 


27 November 2015

In 1665 Londoners were tormented by fears of the Great Plague, what's the biggest health threat to modern society? 

23 November 2015

A lack of knowledge and disjointed efforts enable the Great Plague to kill 100,000 Londoners in the 17th century. With recent reports criticising the global effort to combat Ebola, how have modern reactions to epidemics changed in the last 350 years?

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18 November 2015

It's 350 years since Samuel Pepys saw the Great Plague devastate London, so why are Americans still being killed today?

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12 November 2015

We've all heard of the Great Plague ravaging Europe centuries ago but did you know that it still exists today? We speak to Daniel Epstein from the World Health Organisation to find out more.  

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12 November 2015

In the 17th century the Great Plague killed nearly a quarter of London’s population. We look at one very rare survivor.

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10 November 2015

Plague killed around 100,000 people in Pepys's London. We speak to the Museum of London Archaeology about how to find the bodies.

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4 November 2015

The Great Plague was one of the worst disasters in London’s history. Samuel Pepys’s diaries provide a fascinating insight into how Londoner’s dealt with this tragedy.