Please note that the conditions may vary depending on your specific requirements. In that case, we’ll notify you before your filming or photography is due to begin.

Commercial filming and photography can only take place with written permission from Royal Museums Greenwich. Charges and additional license fees may be applicable. 

1. You must visit the site where you propose to carry out filming or photography in advance and discuss your requirements with one of our filming officers.

2. Before filming can proceed we will need you to submit:

  • a completed filming and photography application form, including comprehensive details of your operational procedures
  • a signed contract
  • proof of public liability insurance to a value of £10,000,000, valid for the entire time you will be working onsite
  • a completed and signed risk assessment and method statement
  • payment in full
  • names of all crew and other personnel who will be attending the shoot
  • full details of any equipment you will be bringing onsite and any power requirements
  • full details of any vehicles you will be bringing onsite, including registration numbers

3. While we make every effort to accommodate filming and photography at Royal Museums Greenwich, our main priorities are to preserve and display the collections in our care and to remain open to the public seven days a week, 10am–5pm. We reserve the right to decline filming projects at our absolute discretion.

Requests to close areas of the Museums during public opening hours will be put to the Museum Director, whose decision will be final.