The National Maritime Museum, Queen’s House, Royal Observatory Greenwich, and the Cutty Sark operate under the brand Royal Museums Greenwich, collectively called the “Museum” and this includes any premises owned or operated by the National Maritime Museum or Cutty Sark Enterprises Ltd referred to as the “Museum Grounds and Buildings.” 

The Museum places great importance on the enjoyment, wellbeing and safety of its visitors, volunteers, and staff. We welcome all visitors and contractors who are willing to comply with the regulations set out below. These Regulations are for the benefit of everyone visiting or working at the Museum and will be enforced.

CCTV is in use in the Museum Grounds and Buildings for the purposes of crime prevention and public safety.

All persons entering the Museum Grounds and Buildings are admitted subject to the following Regulations.

  1. Any person who does not comply with these Regulations may be removed from the Museum Grounds and Buildings by Museum personnel, contracted security staff or Police Officers. This is without prejudice to any claim that the Museum may have against such a person or persons arising out of their actions. Whilst in Museum Grounds and Buildings, all visitors and contractors must comply with any warnings, notices and reasonable instructions given to them by the Museum, Museum personnel or the Emergency Services.
  2. The Museum reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse admission to the Museum Grounds and Buildings or remove from the Museum Grounds and Buildings any person who:
    1.  has behaved in a manner which, in the opinion of the Museum, has, or is likely to affect the enjoyment of others
    2. uses threatening, discriminatory, abusive, or insulting words or behaviour, or any other unacceptable behaviour towards other visitors, contractors, volunteers, or staff, or in any way provokes or behaves in a manner which may provoke a breach of the peace
    3. inappropriately dressed in the opinion of the Museum e.g., topless, or inappropriate or offensive slogans on clothing
  3. All persons who enter paid events or exhibitions within the Museum Grounds and Buildings must hold a valid admission ticket or receipt that must be retained at all times and submitted for inspection if required by Museum personnel. Any person attempting to gain admission to the Museum Buildings or Grounds or being found inside the Museum Buildings or Grounds without a valid admission ticket / receipt may be ejected.
  4. No child or children under the age of 16 will be admitted to the Museum Buildings unless they are accompanied by an adult and such child or children whilst in the Museum Buildings must always remain under the control or supervision of an adult. Teachers and supervisors of groups are responsible and accountable for all members of the group they accompany and have the correct adult to child ratio.
  5. The following are not allowed in the Museum Buildings and Grounds:
    • E-scooters, E-bikes, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, etc; persons must dismount when travelling through Museums grounds
    • Dogs not on a lead and under the control of their owner or pets except assistance dogs. It is the responsibility of the owner to clean up any dog mess and remove it from site. (Please note, only assistance or accredited therapy / support dogs are allowed inside Museum buildings)
    • Commercial photography / filming including posts promoting product on any social media platform.
    • Any noise nuisance (such as that from the use of radios and other electrical equipment, etc) or any behaviour likely to cause annoyance to other visitors or neighbours.
    • Throwing any article or playing any ball game which could cause injury, damage, or annoyance.
    • Climbing or standing upon objects, displays, fences, barriers, walls, or buildings.
    • Drones
  6. The following are not allowed specifically inside the Museum Buildings:
    • Smoking or vaping
    • Consumption of food or drink outside of designated catering areas
    • Photography of certain labelled objects
    • Commercial activity unless with agreement of the Museum
    • Balloons
    • Selfie sticks
    • Animals, except for assistance or accredited therapy / support dogs
    • E-Bikes and E-Scooters. 
  7. It is prohibited to bring into the Museum Buildings and Grounds any weapons, fireworks, smoke bombs, BBQs, glass bottles or other articles which may cause injury or damage. Visitors and contractors are admitted to the Museum Buildings and Grounds subject to a condition that, if requested to do so, they will allow themselves and their possessions to be searched.
  8. Alcohol cannot be consumed on any part of the Museum grounds. The consumption of alcohol is permitted only in authorised places. Alcohol must not be taken into the Museum Buildings and any persons found to be possessing alcohol, or who appears to the under the influence of alcohol (or drugs) will be escorted from the Museum Buildings and Grounds.
  9. Only persons authorised by the Museum are permitted to sell or offer for sale any items to visitors within the curtilage of the Museum Buildings and Grounds.
  10. The Museum accepts no responsibility for any loss and/or damage however arising (including that which might arise as a result of any breach of contract) including any distress, inconvenience or anxiety caused during any visit undertaken and/or during evacuation from the Museum in the event of an emergency, save in the case of any death or personal injury which is a direct consequence of any negligence on the part of the Museum and/or any of its employees or volunteers.
  11. From time to time the Museum or other authorised parties carry out photography and/or video recording in the Museum Buildings and Grounds which may include visitors. By entering the Museums Buildings and Grounds, visitors and contractors agree to the Museum or any authorised party using any such images in perpetuity in any promotional, advertising or publicity material in any format.
  12. Visitors and contractors must at times comply with the general regulations applying to the Royal Park Greenwich, of which a copy is available from the Royal Parks Agency.