KS3 Learning at Home

We have cherry picked some of our most popular and closely curriculum linked activities for you to have fun with at home.  Each one has been carefully created with our teacher forum so you can rest easy knowing they are top notch.  We have split them into key stages and also popped the curriculum requirements in too in case that is handy for you to know.

Activities and Videos

Motion and Forces

  • Video and activity - Are there aliens?  What a great queston.  Find out more here
  • Video and activities - Newton's laws of motion - as laws go, these are pretty important ones.  This is one of our most popular videos of all time.

Space Physics

  • Video and activity - Exploring Moons - our Moon is not the only moon in the Solar System you know.  Find out about others here.
  • Video - What's Mars like? - it's an intriguing place! Find out more by watching Mission to Mars
  • Video and activity - Space Mission - did you know about the mission to land on a comet?  That is right, a COMET, check it out by watching The Rosetta Mission.
  • Video - Space rocks - YES it does.  Find out all about different space rocks here.
  • Video and activity - How will the Universe end?  What a question!  FInd out here.
  • Video and activity - What is the Universe made of?  If this is something you have wondered, this is for you!
  • Video and activity - Where did the Solar System come from?  A HUGE question, find out here.
  • Video - Collisions and explosions - find out what happens when things crash in space here.

Curriculum Requirements

PDF icon KS3 Curriculum Requirements

Is there anything else we can do?

We have a huge selection of videos, podcasts and buckets more activities to try at home!  We are adding to the pages all the time so don't forget to check back and see what is new.