KS5 Learning at Home

We have cherry picked some of our most popular and closely curriculum linked activities for you to have fun with at home.  Each one has been carefully created with our teacher forum so you can rest easy knowing they are top notch.  

Activities and Videos

  • Video and activity - Doppler Shift - what is it?  Why is it important?  Find out here.
  • Video and activity - Where does space begin? What a question!  Find out here.
  • Video and activity - Nuclear fusion in stars - explore how stars are powered by fusion, the energy they output and why stars can't fuse the heaviest elements here.
  • Video and activity - Unusual orbits - predict and then measure the rotational velocity of material in a nearby galaxy, using your knowledge of gravitation and Doppler shifts to deduce the presence of dark matter here.
  • Video and activity - The early Universe - what did it look like?  Find out here.
  • Web activity - Classify a galaxy - Help researchers classify galaxies – you might even get your name on a scientific paper! 
  • Video - Dark energy and dark matter - calculate the mass of dark matter in the solar system and compare that to the amount of dark energy present here.
  • Video and activity - Satellites - explore how satellites are used in space including orbital speed and time, along with transmission and frequency of light here.
  • Video - Exoplanets - learn about the importance of spectroscopy in looking for signs of life on planets outside of our solar system here.
  • Video - What is light?  Great question!  Find out here.
  • Video - Stars and the H-R Diagram - find out how stars evolve and how astronomers classify stars using a graph known as the H-R Diagram here.
  • Video and activities - Black holes - where do they come from and what strange effects do they have? Find out here.
  • Video and activities - How big is the Universe? That's a BIG question and one which you can explore here.

Is there anything else we can do?

Oh yes.  We have a huge selection of videospodcasts and buckets more activities to try at home!  We are adding to the pages all the time so don't forget to check back and see what is new.