Royal Museums Greenwich recently acquired a series of works by Djordje Balmazovic, acquired with the help of Art Fund.  

The works, known as narrative maps, depict journeys made by people who have experienced displacement. These people arrived in Serbia from a range of places, including Syria and Sri Lanka.

A map narrating a journey from Sierra Leone through Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and into Serbia
No.10 Fuad, Sierra Leone by Djordje Balmazovic (ZBA8725)

Balmazovic aimed to make the maps as factual as possible, so as not to dwell on the suffering experienced. Instead, the aim was to highlight the lack of humane asylum policy in Europe.

The maps were made during Balmazovic’s time working in an asylum centre in Serbia. This centre was where refugees would wait and rest after expressing their intention to claim asylum upon entering the country illegally.  

Explore the details of these intricate maps below, and see the full images by searching our Collections.