For 2020-21 the Saturday Art Club was led by Artists Amy Leung and Maru Rojas. Exploring the theme of Movement and Migration, activities took inspiration from artefacts and themes from both the museum and the lockdown conditions of the past year.  The group explored local, personal, imaginary and global migrations and how art might draw upon or highlight political issues. Sessions were held remotely over zoom with material packs being posted out each term to club members.

A screen grab from a zoom workshop with an image of yinka shonibare's ship in a bottle with lots of images of different patterns

Stop motion animations and window drawings

Taking cue from Yinka Shonibare’s Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle, members began by creating readymade souvenir combinations and personal collaged patterns to express their identity and journeys.  Coinciding with lockdowns, the club created stop motion animations based on feelings, challenges and frustrations of not being able to move and window drawings became new ways to communicate with the outside world.


An assemblage of objects composed together to create a personal souvenir in response to Yinka Shonibare's Ship in a bottle


A drawing on a window of two bodies with two flags looking out into a garden

Creating collages

Over the year the group explored representations of movement through ink and tool making; they examined traded objects and food and used spices; tea and coffee granules to produce ephemeral collages that alluded to the journeys made by these substances whilst simultaneously addressing their own positions. Over the year the group explored sculpture, drawing, animation and creative writing; Art as a means of solace and space making, however small, emerged as a shared group interest. 

A screen grab from a zoom workshop of lots of images of ink mark making


A drawing made with tea



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