In a queer rebuff to the Queen in a ruff, Bird La Bird will break the spell of monarchical magic and invite the audience to look away from the figurehead to find queer history. 

Featuring composer and artist The Mollusc Dimension.

Breaking the Spell 

Watch Bird la Bird’s subtitled video and listen to the audio description if you would like to know more about the Armada Portrait. 

Watch Breaking the Spell with audio description

About Bird la Bird 

Bird la Bird is an artist who straddles comedy and performance art. Since 2012 Bird la Bird has developed a series of performances interrogating the histories of Britain’s key cultural institutions, queering the chronicles and unpicking the layers of colonialism, class oppression, poverty and homophobia on which they were built. The resulting performances are highly accessible, inclusive, emotional and entertaining as Bird encourages the audience to shake the foundations of the museum by bringing hidden histories to the forefront.

About the Mollusc Dimension 

The Mollusc Dimension is an astonishing eclectic multidisciplinary artist, whose work encompasses performance, video, composing, writing, teaching, comedy, improv and much more! A bizarre intersection of virtuoso classical piano training and mental-health focused DIY art experiences, he has performed original music in iconic and innovative cultural contexts such as: The Bitten Peach UK (The Vault Festival), Chinese Arts Now (The Southbank Centre), TransPride Brighton and Comediasians.

In discussion: queering the Armada Portrait

Progressive Pride flag by Daniel Quasar ( LLC)