Did you know that there are lots of animals living in the Antarctic and in the oceans around the continent? 

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Discover and create three of these very special animals using materials from around your home.

Co-commissioned with the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust as part of its cultural programme Antarctica In Sight.


You will need

1_Antarctic Animals

Empty cereal box


Felt-tips, or something else to colour in with


Toilet roll tube



2_Antarctic Animals

Part 1: Make a penguin!

Step 1

Make a soft fold in a loo roll and snip upwards to make a beak.

3_Antarctic Animals

Step 2

Make two longer snips on either side to make the wings

4_Antarctic Animals

Step 3

Colour in your penguin - This one has yellow and orange markings as well as the usual black and white because it is an Emperor Penguin.

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5_Antarctic Animals

Part 2: Make an albatross

Step 1

Make a beak snip like the penguin but the other way around.

6_Antarctic Animals

Step 2

Fold a piece of card in half and draw on this shape - it is a bit like a crescent moon with a flat edge.

7_Antarctic Animals

Step 3

Cut out the shape and glue the curved ends together with a glue stick to make a beak. Next slot the beak into the upside down V you cut earlier. 

8_Antarctic Animals

Step 4

Draw this shape onto your cereal box and cut it out to make your wings. 

9_Antarctic Animals

Step 5

Make two cuts down either side of the loo roll and slot in the wings.

10_Antarctic Animals

Step 6

Colour in your albatross and imagine it flying!

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11_Antarctic Animals

Part 3: Create an orca

Step 1

Draw these shapes on to some card and cut them out to create a tail and fins. 

12_Antarctic Animals

Step 2

Colour your tail and fins in black.

13_Antarctic Animals

Step 3

Carefully cut lines into your loo roll to slot your cardboard pieces into. 

14_Antarctic Animals

Step 4

Draw on your orca markings and colour in the distinct pattern. 

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