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Join our experts in a new audio series exploring the big questions about time, space and the sea.

The Tragic Fate of HMS Thetis

British summertime - why do the clocks change?

John Harrison and the Quest for Longitude

Longitude helps us pinpoint our position on the Earth. It may seem simple now but once it was the greatest scientific problem of the age. Enter John Harrison, a self-educated clockmaker who would change the world...

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Henry VIII - History of a King

Henry VIII is one of the most famous monarchs in British history. But did you know Greenwich was his favourite place? Our curators reveal why and discover what one portrait in The Queen's House can tell us about the famous king. 

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The Truth about Pirates

When we mention pirates it's easy to think of swashbuckling adventurers from films. But what were real pirates like, where did they come from and what was it actually like to live as a pirate? In this podcast series we look at the truth behind the legend.

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