You will need:

aluminium foil, string, glue, scissors, coloured pens, brown cardboard


Tin foil




Coloured pens

Step 1

Draw your creature on a piece of cardboard and cut it out.

Top tip: Draw it in pencil first, and then go over in pen, in case you make any mistakes! You might need a grown up to help you cut out any fiddly bits.

Step 2

Once your fish has been cut out, cover it in lots of glue and make a pattern with the string, covering as much of it as you like. 

cut out cardboard fish with string stuck to surface

Step 3

Cover your fish in tin foil. Carefully wrap the foil around the cardboard and then press down on the front, so you can see your string pattern through the foil. 

Add some colour! We use blue on the body and orange on the tail and fins. 


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