There are many examples of sea monsters on old sea maps.

Collection map os Islandia

You will need:

white paper, coloured pens, old sock, fabric, glue

An old sock (please ask your adults first)

Coloured paper

Glue or tape

A pencil

Colouring pencils or felt tips

A pair of scissors

Feathers, pompoms, googly eyes, etc - optional

Step 1

Take a piece of paper and draw out a tongue, some eyes, teeth or horns – whatever you like.

You can also colour things in.

Cut out the shapes you have made (if you need some help, ask your adult).

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Step 2

Add your shapes to your sock.

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Step 3

Put your sock on your hand and you have a sea monster puppet!

Does your sea monster have a name?

Can you tell a story about your sea monster?

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You've created your own sea sock monster!

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