The Queen’s House in Greenwich has a fantastic art collection. One of its treasures is the iconic Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I. 

Find out more about the Armada Portrait here.

Elizabeth I is one of the most famous Queens of England. She was the last Tudor monarch and the 44 years that she was Queen became known as the Golden Age.

The Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I resting her hand on a globe with a crown in the background

You will need:

coloured pens, coloured pencils, pencil, glue. scissors and paper

3-5 pieces of paper A5/A6



Any colouring materials i.e. felt tips, coloured pencils, crayons

Drawing pencil

Coloured paper, collage material (optional)


Step 1

Decide which three women are going to be in your gallery. Who do you admire? 

You could use a photo of them to help you with the next step.

An image for 'Step 1'

Step 2

Use felt tips and colouring pencils to create patches of colour for different parts i.e. hair, face, clothing etc . You can use coloured paper and collage if you have it. 

An image for 'Step 2'

Step 3

Draw and cut out any objects or symbols that you could add to the portrait that tell us more about the person. Here, the crown shows Elizabeth's right to rule.

An image for 'Step 3'

Step 4

For the fabric on Elizabeth’s dress you can create some rubbings of anything with a texture in your home. We used a radio.


An image for 'Step 4'

Step 5

Put all your pieces together to create a collage of your person.

An image for 'Step 5'

Step 6

You could add a frame and label to your portrait too. Don't forget to include the name of the artist - that's you!

An image for 'Step 6'

Step 7

Now to create your second portrait! Don't forget to include some objects or symbols to help visitors to your gallery understand more about the person.

Our second portrait is of Ching Shih, a powerful Chinese pirate from the 1800s. She is known as one of the most successful pirates in history and controlled a fleet of pirate ships known as junks and over 80,000 pirates. 

An image for 'Step 7'

Step 8

Finally, create your third portrait.

We've chosen Tanya Tagaq, who is an award-winning throat singer. Her music and compositions are featured in the Polar Worlds gallery at the National Maritime Museum. She has also written a book about her experience of growing up in the Canadian Arctic in the 1970s.

An image for 'Step 8'

Stage 9

When you have made your three portraits, why not display them together to create your own art gallery celebrating amazing women?

An image for 'Stage 9'


What a fantastic art gallery you've made, remember you can share it with us on social media.