Octopuses are sea creatures with bulging eyes and eight long arms. They're often found in warm, tropical waters.


This activity was created by Ciara, a member of the National Maritime Museum's Youth Collective

You will need:

Scissors, paper cup, paint, paint brush, Scissors, Google Eyes,3D paint or PVA glue


A paper cup

Paint (any colour you want)

Paint brush


Googly Eyes

3D paint or PVA glue

Step 1

Trim your paper cup to half or 1/3 of its size. This will form your octopus's body and tentacles


Paint the inside and outside of your cup whatever colour you want your octopus to be

An image for 'Step 1'
Step 2

Once it is dry, cut 1cm lines into the rim of your cup 1cm apart. Fold these out to create tentacles

An image for 'Step 2'
Step 3

Add your googly eyes resting just above the tentacles.

Using 3D paint or PVA glue, dab small blobs on the tentacles to mimic suckers

An image for 'Step 3'
Step 4

Now you have your completed octopus pal! Why not get some shells and blue fabric to create your own underwater scene?

An image for 'Step 4'


Why not share your finished octopuses with us on social media!