Imagine a sea creature

The crew onboard Cutty Sark would have been away at sea for months at a time. On their voyages they came across strange and wonderful lands and discovered many new and exciting things.

As one apprentice wrote on his first visit to Australia:

‘In my next letter I will give you a full account of this delightful country... and I will send a description of the strange houses, flowers, trees, bids, fish, sunsets...’

What will you see on your adventure today?

First you need a telescope. Telescopes were used onboard Cutty Sark to see things far away. 

A speaking trumpet, telescope, barometer and a chronometer that all belonged to Captain Woodget

You will need

A4 piece of paper

- Scissors 

- Pens/crayons

- Some tape

- Glue

Scraps to decorate – stickers, ribbon, paper/card/foil from your recycling box

materials needed for the craft



Step 1

Decorate your telescope. Make sure to only decorate the middle of the paper as the edges won’t be seen once the paper is rolled up.

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Step 2

Roll the paper up to form a telescope shape. Secure with tape.

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Step 3

Turn it over, and you have your telescope!

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Step 4

Take your telescope out on an adventure! Walking around your local area, or perhaps the outdoor spaces at Royal Museums Greenwich, what can you spot through your telescope?

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Step 4

Imagine you’re an apprentice onboard Cutty Sark and you spot a sea creature! What do they look like? What do they sound like?

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Step 5

What colour is your sea creature? What colours can you see around you?

What do they look/feel like? Are they spikey like a branch?

What is their body covered in? Moss or grass? feathers? leaves?

What is your creature called? Can you spot any signs? shop names/road signs?

What noise does it make? What can you hear around you?

What does it smell like? What can you smell?

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Step 6

Now you have created your own sea creature, can you create a story? What happened next when the apprentice spotted the creature through their telescope?

Further ideas for when you get home:

- Draw a picture of your sea creature

- Create a puppet show to act out your story. You could use lolly sticks or make sock puppets

Next time you go for a walk, use all your senses to discover what’s around you. Could every journey be an adventure?


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