Striking portrait photograph of a man standing beneath historic ship Cutty Sark. He is wearing a black loose shirt with fingerless gloves, wears heavy eyeliner and a thick silver necklace.

Photographed by Taran Wilkhu at the Cutty Sark

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What does your work involve? 

I’m NEO 10Y. I am a recording artist and spiritual revolutionary from London.

My soundscape is cinematic grunge meets industrial R&B-hybrid with pop architecture. I also play piano and guitar. My music videos are a hyper-reality series on YouTube.

My work has been featured by Billboard and the BBC, in magazines and newspapers including PAPER, COLORS, Rolling Stone, Dazed, the Evening Standard, GQ, gal-dem and Interview Magazine, plus on major Spotify and Apple playlists.

I love playing live and my soul belongs on stage. My shows are 360º immersive experiences, which have taken place everywhere from raves to the Roundhouse, at concert venues, art galleries and festivals in London, Europe and the USA. I also recently played the main stage at UK Black Pride.

What inspires you?

My inspiration is the conscious universe and my message is rooted in Vedic philosophies [a set of philosophical systems that emerged around 2,000 BCE according to Hindu tradition] of peace, which translate into my lyricism and visual work. There are no artists like me, who are doing what I am doing, and that void in the entertainment landscape also inspired me to be a vessel for spiritual expansion through the medium of music.

What message would you give to the next generation? 

Create with purpose, choose love, be vegan and consistent with your anti-oppression activism. You are the Universe and love is the shortcut to world peace. 

A photo of 13 South Asian creatives some of whom are sitting and some are standing in the colonnades next to the Queen's House. A central lamp hangs above the group and they are framed by the white stone columns.

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This profile is part of Pioneers: A Renaissance in South Asian Creativity, on display at the National Maritime Museum