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70% of our planet is covered by oceans. As the world's largest maritime museum, we have a unique opportunity to inspire everyone to become a champion for the future of our oceans. With your support, we can reach more people through initiatives such as:

World Oceans Day - London's largest, free, intergenerational festival celebrating our blue planet

Make Do and Maintain - Intergenerational workshops for "makers and menders"

Our Ocean Our Planet - A digital hub for everyone, everywhere to learn about and be inspired by ocean environments

Bringing the ocean to the Museum - A planned refurbishment of the Neptune Court at the heart of the Maritime Museum creates a fantastic opportunity to bring the environment into the Museum

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Be a public champion for equality, diversity and inclusion and discover how it can benefit your organisation. Current ED&I events include:

LGBTQ+ History Month - Including the LGBTQ+ family network, Fierce Queens, Rainbow Week, Queer Eye for the Museum Guide, Outing the Past, and more

Women's History Month - Wonderful Women, Making Waves, 20th Century Astronomers

Black History Month - Black History 365, Black Superheroes in Space, Windrush Day, International Slavery Remembrance Day, Message in a Bottle

Annual Festivals - Diwali, Lunar New Year, and more

Safe Harbour - Monthly events for foster and adoptive families

Education - Special events and workshops for young adults, charity and community groups, and SEND education programmes

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STEM and Education

The UK STEM skills gap is growing, estimated to cost the UK economy £15bn per year. With your help we can reduce that, through our wide-ranging programmes and activities including:

First Light - The 350th anniversary of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, using technology to transform how everyone can experience the universe

Science and Maritime Learning - Working with primary and secondary schools, adults, and family groups to increase access to STEM for all through both physical and digital resources

Peter Harrison Planetarium - Presented live by a professional astronomer, London's only planetarium can fly you to the limits of the solar system and beyond

Public Astronomy - Support our team working directly with the public, school students, and community groups

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Digital Engagement and Innovation

Digital and innovative technologies can transform how everyone can experience our past, our culture, our planet, and even the universe. Your company can inspire future generations of scientists, mathematicians, engineers and visionaries with initiatives such as:

First Light - The 350th anniversary of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, using technology to transform how everyone can experience the universe

Cutty Sark Alive - Using AR technology to bring the experiences of seafarers to life

The Great Map - Using app technology to create interactive experiences for children and young people to discover ocean environments, navigation, and more

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Arts and Heritage

We are home to over 500 years of art, architecture and culture, sharing treasures with the world. Find out how world-class culture can support your business through:

Art and Science - Creating new ways for everyone to explore the world, society, the universe and our place in it

Major Exhibitions - Regular displays and rehangs of both our collection and rarely seen works from around the world

Contemporary Art Commissions - Working with some of the art world's rising stars to explore and reimagine our collections for the public

Collection Conservation - Investing in world-leading expertise to care for and safeguard some of the UK's most important cultural treasures

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Shipping and Maritime Industries

As the cultural home of the maritime sector, help us share the stories of shipping - yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

New Insights Gallery - Exhibitions and displays shining a light on the world of modern shipping and seafarers

Annual Seafarers Conference - Bringing industry, academic, and heritage leaders together to explore today's biggest challenges in new ways

Research and Training - Combining our resources to build a wider understanding of shipping yesterday and today

Shipkeeping in Action - Free sessions for the public to discover the work and science behind keeping Cutty Sark "ship-shape" delivered by our experts

Collection Development - Caring for the world's biggest maritime collection and its ongoing work in telling the story of shipping today, and into the future

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Further information

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We offer a wide variety of Sponsorship opportunities ranging from discrete events and programmes to an exclusive principal partnership at one of our museums and plenty in between.

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First Light

Celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Royal Observatory Greenwich

2026 marks the 350th anniversary of the UK's first government-funded science research centre, home of time and space, and a cultural, scientific, and educational icon. 

We are embarking on a transformative project that will reveal the sights, sounds, and wonders of the universe. Join us on this remarkable journey and be part of the most important celebration of space, exploration, innovation, science, heritage, and culture in the UK.

Talk to us to find out more about how you can be part of this once-in-a-generation collaboration, as well as the many other sponsorship opportunities we have available.


Photo credit: Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard) by Lionel Majzik, on display in the Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition 2022-23