The 2021 Astronomy Photographer of the Year winners have been revealed! Who will be your People's Choice winner this year?

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The winner of Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year People's Choice Award 2020 has been revealed! 

Photographer Bryony Richards’ dazzling image The Cave of the Wild Horses has been voted the public's favourite photo from this year's exhibition.

Enter your own images into this year’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition before the 5 March 2021.  


Winner: The Cave of the Wild Horses by Bryony Richards

Located in the heart of the desert in Southern Utah, the Cave of the Wild Horses makes for a fairy-tale place to take astrophotographs. There is copious wildlife, petroglyphs (rock carvings), rock varnish, and a framed view of the summer Milky Way in its entrance. 

Bryony says “This photograph is one of the most complicated that I have ever taken due to the location of the cave and the number of foreground images shot. Getting to the cave involves a long hike through the desert over sandstone plateaus, through brush and desert sand, while being serenaded by the frogs of the area."


Runner up 

Reflection of the Stars by Linh Nguyen


Third place

Anniversary of Apollo 11 Mission by Qiqige (Nina) Zhao

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