A new category for 2020, The Annie Maunder Prize for Image Innovation is awarded to the person who produces the best image from publicly available data.

Sculpture of the nights sky

Dark River (detail) 

by Julie Hill 


"I commend the choice of image data used alongside the artist’s vision to create an appropriately striking representation of the 'river' of the Milky Way, as it is so referenced in ancient human civilisations. It’s a powerful and poignant image presented in a striking manner that is befitting of our own galaxy and its place in the vastness of space and our Universe".

- Ed Robinson, award-winning photographer, creative director and visual consultant. Founder of OneRedEye Visual Communications  

"This image has transformed how the viewer experiences space by reinventing an observation of 84 million stars and moving into the three-dimensional realm".

- Emily Drabek-Maunder, astrophysicist, astronomer and science communicator at Royal Observatory Greenwich

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II-20589-1_The Heart of the Crab © Pascal Fock-Hang copy.jpg

The Heart of the Crab

by Pascal Fock-Hang

II-32497-15_Jupiter Rising © Stacey Downton copy.jpg

Jupiter Rising

by Stacey Downton

II-3644-1_HH 666 - The Look of the Demon © Domingo Pestana copy.jpg

HH 666 - The Look of the Demon

by Domingo Pestana 

II-68329-9_M63 © Alexios Theodorov copy.jpg


by Alexios Theodorov

II-68329-13_M42 © Alexios Theodorov copy.jpg


by Alexios Theodorov 

II-68329-19_M16 © Alexios Theodorov copy.jpg


by Alexios Theodorov

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