A-7051-1_The Green Lady © Nicholas Roemmelt copy.jpg

The Green Lady

by Nicholas Roemmelt

Winner of the Aurorae category

"A majestic, ethereal image as though it was taken on the border of the afterlife. Such a hopeful, stirring and uplifting vision."

- Jon Culshaw, comedian, impersonator and regular guest on The Sky at Night

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A-81087-1_Runner-Up_Lone Tree under a Scandinavian Aurora © Tom Archer copy.jpg

Lone Tree under a Scandinavian Aurora

by Tom Archer 

Runner up

"This is one of my favourite images from this year’s competition. It is peaceful and serene yet also powerful."

- Mandy Bailey,  Astronomy Secretary for the Royal Astronomical Society, Open University lecturer and freelance science editor

A-87295-1_Highly Commended_Iceland © Kristina Makeeva copy.jpg


by Kristina Makeeva

Highly commended

"The way the dancing aurora meets the transparent, icy blocks is both contrasting and complimentary. The viewer is given a refreshing minty chill just looking at the scene."

- Jon Culshaw, comedian, impersonator and regular guest on The Sky at Night

A-3480-5_Solar Minimum © Bernt Olsen copy.jpg

Solar Minimum

by Bernt Olsen

A-13020-16_Geysir Aurora © Phil Halper copy.jpg

Geysir Aurora

by Phil Halper

A-17351-5_Dance Over the Swamp © Kamil Nureev-min.jpg

Dance Over the Swamp

by Kamil Nureev 

A-34433-15_House under Rainbow Aurora © Wang Zheng copy.jpg

House under Rainbow Aurora

by Wang Zheng 

A-34584-9_2 in 1 - Moon Halo and Aurora Borealis © Mustafa Aydın copy.jpg

2 in 1 - Moon Halo and Aurora Borealis

by Mustafa Aydın

A-42207-7_Stokksnes Aurora © Ben Bush copy.jpg

Stokksnes Aurora

by Ben Bush

A-64199-11_Tranquil Spectators © Peter Hoszang copy.jpg

Tranquil Spectators

by Peter Hoszang 

A-82202-13_Northern Dragon_s Eye © Elena Pakhalyuk copy.jpg

Northern Dragons Eye

by Elena Pakhalyuk 

A-92118-5_Hamnøy Lights © Andreas Ettl copy.jpg

Hamnøy Lights

by Andreas Ettl