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by Bence Toth


"The processing is excellent, drawing out the detail and enhancing the structure to give a 3D impression of the crest of a huge wave ready to crash down".

- Mandy Bailey, Astronomy Secretary for the Royal Astronomical Society, Open University lecturer and freelance science editor

"As a burgeoning astrophotographer, tackling any deep-sky object is a formidable challenge, but to push yourself to capture its core, and at this level of detail, shows true determination and incredible potential. The stars are pin sharp and the wispy nebulous texture is perfectly processed".

- Steve Marsh, Art Editor at the BBC Sky at Night Magazine

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BN-45748-1_Milky Way Falls from the Sky © Li JiaWei.jpg

Milky Way Falls from the Sky

by Li JiaWei

BN-63179-33_The Glorious Trifid Nebula © Markus Bauer.jpg

The Glorious Trifid Nebula

by Markus Bauer

BN-65584-13_The Veil Nebula, NGC6992 © Konstantin Leskov.jpg

The Veil Nebula, NGC6992

by Konstantin Leskov

BN-68303-5_Kynance Cove under the Milky Way © Louise Jones.jpg

Kynance Cove under the Milky Way

by Louise Jones

BN-69956-9_To the Lighthouse © Yulin Xing.jpg

To the Lighthouse

by Yulin Xing


BN-80348-7_Southern Cross over Siding Spring © GuangHao Yu.jpg

Southern Cross over Siding Spring

by GuangHao Yu

BN-82312-17_Clavius and Moretus Craters © Vinicius Martins.jpg

Clavius and Moretus Craters

by Vinicius Martins

BN-82312-19_Solar System through my Telescope © Vinicius Martins.jpg

Solar System through my Telescope

by Vinicius Martins

BN-94928-4_Reflection of the Stars © Linh Nguyen.jpg

Reflection of the Stars

by Linh Nguyen

BN-99822-17_Milky Way above Mt. Meili © Zuoxing Zhang.jpg

Milky Way above Mt. Meili

by Zuoxing Zhang

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