Tycho Crater Region with Colours © Alain Paillou.jpg

Tycho Crater Region with Colours

by Alain Paillou 

Winner of Our Moon category

"It's always great to see the colours of the Moon teased out in an image and this one cranks it up to 11, showing our neighbour to be enormously complex."

 - Steve Marsh, Art Editor at the BBC Sky at Night Magazine

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HDR Partial Lunar Eclipse With Clouds

by Ethan Roberts

Runner up in the Our Moon Category

"Light cloud coverings are often used to add texture and mood to lunar images. This picture perfects this technique with precision timing and naturally beautiful, understated processing resulting in an image that makes this partial lunar eclipse shimmer and glow."

- Steve Marsh, Art Editor at the BBC Sky at Night Magazine


Moon Base

by Daniel Koszela

Highly commended in the Our Moon category

"This aptly named image could almost be a model set from a 1950s/1960s science fiction television programme! The surreal atmosphere of this image is greatly enhanced by the high thin cloud and the monochrome palette with the Full Moon adding drama to the scene, either indicating serenity or impending doom (depending on the plot). This image has really set my imagination running wild. If this location has not been used in a film set or as a book cover, it ought to be!"

- Mandy Bailey, Astronomy Secretary for the Royal Astronomical Society, Open University lecturer and freelance science editor


Big Moon, Little Werewolf

by Kirsty Paton 


The Moon And the Shard

by Mathew Browne


Crater Clavius

by Chan Yat Ping 

Arch of Selene (I Saw the Whole of the Moon) © Bud Martin Budzynski

Arch of Selene (I Saw the Whole of the Moon)

by Bud Martin Budzynski


Some Moons are Close, and Some are Small and Far Away

by Andy Casely


Misty Winter Moon

by Rob Mogford

OM-43936-3_Once in a Blue Moon © Rob Mogford.jpg

Once in a Blue Moon

by Rob Mogford


39% Crescent Moon

by Richard Addis


10 Day Old Lunar Landscape

by Chris Williams

OM-84200-21_The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and the New Born Rime © Hailong Qiu.jpg

The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and the New Born Rime

by Hailong Qiu