A photo of multi-coloured Nacreous clouds filling the sky

Painting the Sky

by Thomas Kast

Winner of the Skyscapes Category

"Nacreous clouds are one of the most enchanting atmospheric phenomena. Like the photographer, the judges were left spellbound by this picture. It captures delightfully the rich palette and graceful brushstrokes that can be found in nature."

- Melanie Vandenbrouck, Curator of Art (post-1800) at Royal Museums Greenwich

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S-17387-11_Runner-Up_Desert Magic © Stefan Liebermann.jpg

Desert Magic

by Stefan Liebermann 

Runner up

"You'd be forgiven for thinking the Milky Way is reflected in the sand in this gorgeous picture. The composition of the ground and sky is brilliantly put together and creates a scene almost devoid of life, yet also bursting with it."

- Steve Marsh, Art Editor at the BBC Sky at Night Magazine

S-37265-9_Highly Commended_Voice of the Universe © Weijian Chen.jpg

Voice of the Universe

by Weijian Chen

Highly commended

"Peace and calmness glow from the picture, despite the dynamic theme. The foreground is rich and the detail of the Milky Way is spectacular but they do not distract the viewer from the title. The modesty and elaboration of the image is an exemplary and refreshing exception among the more and more blaring and over-saturated astro-landscapes."

- László Francsics, Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 Overall Winner

S-3235-3_Sakura Hole © Takanobu Kurosaki.jpg

Sakura Hole

by Takanobu Kurosaki

S-3544-2_Bound © Christopher Small.jpg


by Christopher Small

S-8387-1_Questions © Paul Wilson.jpg


by Paul Wilson

S-10059-15_Something Old, Something New © Jay Evans.jpg

Something Old, Something New

by Jay Evans 

S-13928-1_The Red Lake of Stars © Bryony Richards.jpg

The Red Lake of Stars

by Bryony Richards 

S-13928-7_The Cave of the Wild Horses © Bryony Richards.jpg

The Cave of the Wild Horses

by Bryony Richards 

S-17387-17_Karijini National Park © Stefan Liebermann.jpg

Karijini National Park

by Stefan Liebermann 

S-29049-1_Cold Night on the Yellowstone © Jake Mosher.jpg

Cold Night on the Yellowstone

by Jake Mosher

S-29174-13_Beyond the Fog © Michael Zav_yalov.jpg

Beyond the Fog

by Michael Zav'yalov 

S-40972-5_Galactic Portal © Marcin Zajac.jpg

Galactic Portal

by Marcin Zajac 

S-44170-12_Broken Mirror © Seyed Mohammad Mousavi Nadoosan.jpg

Broken Mirror

by Seyed Mohammad Mousavi Nadoosan 

S-82202-21_Eruption © Elena Pakhalyuk.jpg


by Elena Pakhalyuk

S-91475-5_Timeless © Olga Suchanova.jpg


by Olga Suchanova

S-99119-13_Moon, Star and Aircraft Trails © Christian Gadelmayer.jpg

Moon, Star and Aircraft Trails

by Christian Gadelmayer