Essential Information

Type Talks and courses
Date and Times Sunday 21 February | 10am - 2pm
Prices £30 Adult

An introductory course that will teach you how to make your own images from telescopes around the world. 

This short, four-hour online course will introduce the night sky and discusses how people can work with real observations from the telescopes astrophysicists use to study the Universe. You’ll delve into how to download and process publicly available observations from international telescopes to create your own images of space. 

This course was developed in the spirit of the Annie Maunder Prize for Image Innovation in the Insight Investment Astronomy Photography of the Year competition, where you don’t need to be an experienced photographer to become involved in astrophotography.

Topics that will be covered in this course include:

  • An introduction to observing the night sky and astrophotography
  • How astrophotography works
  • How to create your own space images from publicly available telescope observations
  • Common problems in astronomical images

This course will be run online via Zoom. Age: 18+