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20 September 2019

This month we are shining a spotlight on the wonderful Palette Events who have worked with us for many years across our five venues and are consistent favourites of our clients. Palette are an established event management and catering company designing bespoke experiences for private and corporate clients alike.

20 September 2019

Since bringing two Asian caterers onto our approved catering list earlier in 2019, we have seen a surge in enquiries for Asian weddings. With a portfolio of five unique, quirky venues, three of which have wedding licenses, as well as over 10,000 sqm of outdoor space set in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we were able to welcome these events with open arms.

The Battle of Quiberon Bay, 20 November 1759 by Nicholas Pocock

5 September 2019

The Caird Library’s display case has a new display showcasing some of the collection of personal papers of Admiral William Cornwallis.

James Gillray. Consequences of a Successful French Invasion

3 September 2019

One of the many treasures to be found in the collections of the Caird Library is John Pine’s The tapestry hangings of the House of Lords: representing the several engagements between the English and Spanish fleets in the ever memorable year 1588 (RMG ID: PBE3597)A rare folio published in 1739, it contains print reproductions of the ten enormous tapestries that once hung in the old chamber of the House of Lords. For 183 years (1651-1834) the tapestries wove themselves into the fabric of British political and cultural life, appearing in a number of artworks and referenced in parliamentary speeches.

Night sky highlights - September 2019

29 August 2019

Discover what to see in the night sky during September 2019, including the Andromeda Galaxy.

Coloured print showing the departure of the Bermuda floating dock from Porto Santo on 4 July 1869

21 August 2019

I recently catalogued a small collection of papers relating to Rear-Admiral James Francis Ballard Wainwright (1820-1872), numbered ADL/Z/63 in the Archive Catalogue. Some of the items shed light on a notable event at Bermuda one hundred and fifty years ago.

Letter written by Brunel to his grand-daughter Sophia Hawes in 1842

8 August 2019

2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the opening in 1869 of the East London railway line, which now forms part of the London Overground network. The initial stretch of track ran between Wapping and New Cross, and made use of the Thames Tunnel, which had been completed over a quarter of a century earlier, in 1843, with the help of pioneering technology invented by Marc Isambard Brunel.


25 July 2019

BGY/E/3 is a file containing small collections relating to two members of the same family. It’s been difficult to determine exactly how James and Edward Everard are related, however. We know that Edward Everard (1739-1819) had six children, and that his youngest, Rebecca, married Henry Prescott Blencowe, whose daughter Elizabeth was James Everard's mother. They are likely to be cousins of some kind as well.

Night sky highlights - August 2019

24 July 2019

Discover what to see in the night sky during August 2019, including the spectacular Perseid meteor shower.

Front page from the September 1931 issue

18 July 2019

My dad is a diehard Union man and in his working life, was heavily involved in negotiations for better contracts for civic employees. Our family heard a lot about the discussions and the delicate balance of arguing for fair recompense and the importance of the union for the ‘working man’. In the case of the Mercantile Marine, the journal collection at the National Maritime Museum holds numerous copies of ‘The Seaman’ although the early copies have distinct titles. This publication records the activities and decisions surrounding the Merchant Navy and its workforce.