A starboard quarter view of the Cunard line cruise ship Lancastria (1922) anchored at Malaga, spain

A starboard quarter view of the Cunard Line cruise ship Lancastria (1922) anchored at Malaga, Spain. She has her starboard anchor deployed and is in the standard Cunard livery of black hull and white upperworks but the white has been extended down by one deck. An accommodation ladder is rigged at the shell doors amidships and one of the ship's boats is in the water in the foreground while other boats are alongside the accommodation ladder and near the stern. Number 1 lifeboat is missing from its falls. The stern of the Lancastria is out of the picture. Moored alongside the quay on the right is the Italian-built and Spanish owned passenger/cargo ship A. Lazaro (1895) but only her stem is in the picture.

Object Details

ID: P83917
Type: Sheet film negative
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Marine Photo Service
Vessels: Lancastria (1922); A. Lazaro (1895)
Date made: 1932-1934
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Waterline Collection
Measurements: Overall: 116 mm x 166 mm

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