Hoisting cattle from the armoured cruiser HMS Cornwall (1902) at Hare Bay, Newfoundland

A photograph taken over the starboard side of the Boat Deck on the armoured cruiser HMS Cornwall (1902) showing a live cow being hoisted in a sling from boat davits out into a tender alongside the ship. The Cornwall was transferring 'fresh meat' in the form of cattle from Hawke Bay to Hare Bay, Newfoundland, where the photograph shows the cattle being unloaded.

The photograph is captioned 'The same', in reference to the caption to ALB0579.25 above it on the page: 'getting them [cattle] out again at Hare Bay NF. / 27th July [1911].

Henry Berwick Crane joined HMS Cornwall, being used as a Cadet Training Ship, as a cadet in April 1911 and left in December 1911 to join HMS Queen as a Midshipman in January 1912.

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