The Battle of Lissa, 13 March 1811; the British line after wearing to renew the action

A scene from the Battle of Lissa, part of the Adriatic campaign of the Napoleonic Wars. The battle for possession of the strategically important island of Lissa (also known as Vis), from which the British squadron had been disrupting French shipping in the Adriatic, took place on 13 March 1811. It was fought between a British frigate squadron and a substantially larger squadron of French and Venetian frigates and smaller ships. The French needed to control the Adriatic to supply a growing army in the Illyrian Provinces. Whitcombe based his composition on a sketch by J L Few, who was on board the 'Amphion', and this is the second plate in a series depicting the battle. It is inscribed: "To The Right Honourable Charles Yorke, First Lord of the Admiralty, &c. &c. Plate 2nd Representing the British Line after Wearing to renew the Action. Starboard division of the Enemy passing under the Amphion's Stern and raking her. Larboard division hawling to the Wind on the larboard Tack, engaging the Cerberus, Active and Volage – Is with permission respectfully Dedicated by his most obt humble Servt George Andrews." The 'Amphion', flagship of Captain William Hoste, is shown in starboard-quarter view at the centre of the composition. The enemy flagship ‘Favorite’ is shown in the centre left of the picture, leading the starboard division. Published by George Andrews, Marine Print Warehouse, London 1812. Hand-coloured aquatint.

Object Details

ID: PAI6159
Type: Print
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Whitcombe, Thomas; Havell, Daniel Havell, Robert Andrews, George Few, J L
Places: Unlinked place
Events: Napoleonic Wars: Lissa, 1811
Vessels: Active (1799); Amphion (1798) Cerberus (1794) Volage (1807) Bellona (1808) Favorite (1810)
Date made: Feb 1812
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: Sheet: 510 x 680 mm; Mount: 657 mm x 960 mm

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