Goldner's Patent Preserved Meat tin

A relic of Sir John Franklin's last expedition 1845-48. An empty Goldner soup tin made of iron plate, tinned and soldered, the outside surface painted red. Part of the label with instructions for preparing the contents still remains. A circular hole has been made in the top with a hammer and chisel. 'GOLDNER'S PATENT' is stamped on the base and two small holes have been punched in the side. It was found in an Inuit cache at Cape Maria Louisa by the Schwatka Search Expedition 1878-79.

The surviving text of the label reads: 'CAN...The cannister... a saucepan with... and boiled about...opened and served...preferred the...turned into a saucepan...purpose...being heated...the but end...and cut it'.

Heinrich Klutschak reported that an Inuk had told the expedition that he had cached these items under a rock for lack of transport but was unable to find them when he came back.

Object Details

ID: AAA2275
Collection: Polar Equipment and Relics
Type: Tin
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Goldner, Stephen
Events: Arctic Exploration: Franklin's Last Expedition, 1845-1848; Arctic Exploration: Franklin Search Expedition, Schwatka, 1878-1880
Date made: Before 1845
Exhibition: North-West Passage
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.
Measurements: Overall: 120 x 76 mm

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