House flag, Niarchos Ltd

The house flag of Niarchos Ltd, London. A white flag with a narrow horizontal band striped red, white a blue across the centre. In the middle is placed a large, black-bordered 'N'. The flag is made of a wool and synthetic fibre bunting. It has a cotton hoist and is machine sewn. A rope and toggle are attached.

The company was founded by Stavros Niarchos in 1952. He first bought ships to transport wheat for his family’s flour milling business. Then he established his own shipping firm, Niarchos Group in 1939. His ships were used by Allied forces in World War II, and after the war he used the insurance money gained from ships sunk in combat to buy oil tankers. In 1952 Stavros Niarchos built the first supertankers capable of transporting large quantities of oil. Niarchos Ltd was a company that operated more than 80 supertankers. The supertankers set world records for size and carrying capacity. In 1956 the Suez Canal Crisis considerably increased the demand for the type of large tonnage ships that Niarchos owned. After the oil crisis in 1973, Niarchos sold off some of his companies and became involved in the diamond trade.

Object Details

ID: AAA0315
Collection: Textiles; Flags
Type: House flag
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Unknown
Date made: 1955-1967; 1955-67
People: Niarchos Ltd, London; Pope, Charles Meredyth
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Pope Collection. Reproduced with kind permission of Niarchos (London) Ltd.
Measurements: flag: 1219.2 x 1828.8 mm

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